Posted by Ezra Glenn on February 18, 2012
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For those of you who’ve noticed that I’ve started being a more active blogger over the last few weeks, there’s a good explanation: I’ve discovered org2blog.

Given that I try to live as much of my life as possible in emacs (or at least as much of my virtual life as possible), org2blog is a godsend. Using the emacs’ excellent org-mode has already revolutionized my writing, coding, and the way I organize my time and my projects, and now – through this intuitive and clever extension — it is helping organize my blog activity as well.

Others (for example, here and here have already written extensively on the how and the why of org2blog: basically, you install org-mode (already built-in to most modern emacsen), load a few more special .el files, and with a little customization you’re good to go.

The real magic, however, comes in the use of org-mode to bring order to the chaos of your thoughts, so that blog posts are planned, scheduled, and reflective – and the resulting blog is actually organized and structured (as opposed to the random “shopping lists of my thoughts” model).

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