What’s with all these “Missions”?

For some time now I’ve had a contract with the excellent people at O’Reilly Media to write a book, titled Shape Your Neighborhood.  The book is still in draft form, but I’ve decided to use CityState to help showcase some of the more useful parts as I write them: namely, these modular “Missions.”  Each showcases some applied example of a planning task or challenge, providing an opportunity to explore tools, content, and context.  This will allow me to connect with readers as the book is being written, and also to seek feedback to improve the finished product.

When I’ve finished enough of these “worked-examples” of planning-in-action, they’ll be added to the various background sections (covering topics such as: what do planners do? how does the census gather information?  what’s a municipal budget look like? how does zoning work? and so on), and you’ll be able to buy them all in a nice, spell-checked, bound format. (For more info about the book, see this page on CityState.)

Missions So Far:

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[catlist name=simulation-missions catlink=yes orderby=date order=asc]



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