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acs version 2.1.4: now on CRAN

Posted by Ezra Glenn on February 20, 2019
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Due to some pesky api address changes at the Census, we’ve updated the acs package with yet another quick patch. Pretty much everything should work the same — no improvements, just a fix to allow you to get data that wasn’t fetching. No other aspects of the package were changed with this release.

1 Downloading and installing

To install the updated version, simply fire up an R session and type:

> install.packages("acs", clean=T)
> acs.tables.install()

If you’re updating from a previous version, don’t forget to re-install or “api.key.migrate()” your api key if it doesn’t seem to have been migrated during install. We also strongly recommend you run “acs.tables.install()” as well – you only need to do this once per installation (or update), and it will really speed up the package.