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ACS 2010-2014 Data Now Available

Posted by Ezra Glenn on December 04, 2015
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Just in time for the holidays, the Census has released new American Community Survey data, covering all states, counties, cities, and towns, down to the census tract and block-group level for the 2010–2014 five-year period. Luckily, the data is also available via the Census Census API, which mean it is available to users of the the acs.R package (version 1.2 or later; if you’re not sure which version you are using, you can always type packageVersion(“acs”) to find out.)

To get the latest data, just continue to use the acs.fetch() function as usual, but specify endyear=2014.1 Also, be aware that the function will give you some warnings about how “As of the date of this version of the acs package Census API did not provides data for selected endyear” – but you can safely ignore that, and the data will still be fetched.

Happy downloading!



Note that by default, endyear is set to 2011 if no year is explicitly passed to acs.fetch, and I didn’t want to change this for fear of breaking existing user scripts. In the future, we might to rethink this, so that it selects the most recent endyear by default.