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Presenting acs.R at the ACS Data User Conference

Posted by Ezra Glenn on April 06, 2015
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On May 12, 2015, I’ll be presenting the acs.R package in a session of the American Community Survey Data User Group Conference in Hyattsville, MD. The paper, titled “Estimates with errors and errors with estimates: Using the R ‘acs’ package for analysis of American Community Survey data,” is available through the SSRN or my faculty publications webpage.

Better yet, the session will also include a presentation by Michael Laviolette, Dennis Holt, and Kristin K. Snow of the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services on “Using the R Language and ‘acs’ Package to Compile and Update a Social Vulnerability Index for New Hampshire.” It’s great to see how planners are using and extending this package in all sorts of exciting new settings and applications.

Click these links to see the complete program or to register for the conference.