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Posted by Ezra Glenn on March 05, 2012
Good Causes

Yesterday I was pleased to be a part of the first-ever TEDx Somerville event. I only had four minutes on stage (which, if you’ve ever heard me speak, is barely enough time to get through a few opening wise-cracks), but it did provide a great platform to plug SCC’s new inTeractive Somerville website. In an attempt to showcase the ability to use this site to encourage and enable sharing (of ideas, data, meeting notes, news and personal stories, and more), I snapped a quick photo of the TEDx audience and by the end of the talk had it uploaded, geo-tagged, and posted to create a new discussion thread. (Full disclosure: there was actually some shifty behind-the-scenes driving tricks going on, thanks to Christian Spanring, who was hidden just offstage.)

The videos aren’t posted yet, but when they do go live, be sure to skip right past me and look for Somerville’s own “Alex the Jester” playing different tunes on three recorders all at the same time.

PS: If you are interested in learning more about inTeractive Somerville, and possibly adapting the platform for use in your own community, you should know that the code for the site is all open-source and available at github.

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